Bullying and Harassment Training

Bullying and Harassment training program for Australian businesses

Bully and Harassment Training

Bullying & Harassment Training & Fair Work Act Legislation Implementation

Is your business prepared for the NEW Bullying Laws?

The Fair Work Act has been amended to give the Fair Work Commission anti-bullying powers, and as of 1 January 2014, workers alleging bullying will have a new right to make a complaint directly to the Commission.

The changes create a significant new landscape for employers, including increased exposure and the potential to blur the line between legitimate workplace health and safety concerns and traditional employee relations issues.

Businesses will need to review their bullying policies in light of these amendments to ensure they deal appropriately with the new provisions. For example, you may need to ensure your bullying policy is adapted to deal with complaints made by a worker who is not an employee or you may want to make changes to ensure your internal processes for resolving such complaints are likely to satisfy the Fair Work Commission (the Commission).

Implications for business

Don’t put your business at risk.

Businesses should ensure that they:

  • Understand the scope of the FWC’s new bullying powers and the orders that can be made;
  • Understand the definition of “bullied at work” and appreciate the difference between bullying and reasonable management action;
  • Have a clear policy stating that bullying is unacceptable, and conduct training in respect of this policy;
  • Have a procedure for addressing allegations of bullying in the workplace in a prompt and fair manner; and
  • Manage the risk of bullying by, for example, monitoring patterns of behavior (e.g. absenteeism) and conducting regular ‘health checks’ on the business.

Given the six-month delay in the commencement of the anti-bullying jurisdiction, employers have some time in which to take steps to prepare, for example by:

  • Reviewing and, if necessary, updating policies and procedures that are to be used for dealing with bullying complaints (including considering whether procedures should be amended to reflect the ability to bring a bullying complaint in the FWC); and
  • Ensuring that managers, staff and contractors are properly trained in relation to managing bullying issues and applicable policies and procedures.

Ahead of the commencement of the remaining provisions of the Amendment Act, employers should:

  • Review relevant workplace policies, and possibly also employment contracts, in light of the changes to various aspects of parental leave and the extension of the right to request flexible work to a much wider range of employees;
  • Monitor developments relating to new award provisions requiring consultation over changes to rosters and working hours – and be prepared to respond to claims for clauses dealing with these issues in new enterprise agreements;
  • Identify a preferred location within the workplace where union permit-holders exercising entry rights can hold meetings with employees, and attempt to reach agreement with the relevant union(s) on this issue; and
  • Where the employer operates in remote locations, consider how union requests for transport or accommodation assistance to facilitate access will be dealt with, and implement processes to ensure timely cost-recovery from the union(s) for providing such assistance.
Information Session

How can we help?

Register for the Relationshipology For Business Information Session for your business to find out how these new changes to the legislation will impact your business, as well as how to plan, prepare and minimize the risk of workplace bullying allegations and workers lodging a bullying complaint with the Fair Work Commission.

We take you through the changes, what the new legislation means for your business and the impacts this can have, small or large. We cover off a check-list of what employers need to do now to prepare for the changes commencing on 1 January 2014.

We will also present common scenarios demonstrating best practices in the workplace, including how to put the health and well-being of employees as a top priority.

Other key changes to the Fair Work Act including Family-Friendly Measures, Penalty Rates & Union Right Of Entry are also an option to be covered in the program.


Register for the Relationshipology For Business Program, it will create congruency and harmony in your business with managers, staff and contractors properly trained in relation to managing bullying issues and applicable policies and procedures.