About Us

E&S Relationship Specialists

At E&S Relationship Specialists we are passionate about helping people and making a difference in the world with our commitment and dedication to assisting people achieve their greatest fulfillment and passion in their life and relationships. At E&S Relationship Specialists our experienced team will show you how to stay true to yourself, while discovering new and exciting ways to make the most out of your relationships.

Power couple husband and wife, Emir and Samantha Krajina, founded E&S Relationship Specialists in their quest to help others achieve their ultimate, happiest relationship and to teach the necessary skills and techniques for them to filter throughout all aspects of their life.

It’s working as they share their passion and purpose in the world, spreading love far and wide with their ground breaking Relationshipology expertise and commitment to clients. Never before seen in Australia, Relationshipology has taken the industry by storm offering an exciting, innovative approach to Relationships.

With their ongoing effectiveness in creating successful relationships, especially with couples and marriages, they pleasingly provide a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on their results (something unseen in the industry). Emir and Samantha Krajina are extremely passionate when it comes to making a difference in their clients’ lives by empowering them to achieve the relationship they desire and helping individuals have a positive impact on the world.


Business Hours (Weekdays 9am-5pm)

30 minute session     $49

50 minute session     $69

90 minute session     $108

120 minute session    $138

After Hours (Weekdays 5pm-8pm & Saturdays 9am-5pm)

30 minute session     $69

50 minute session     $99

90 minute session     $138

120 minute session    $168

Sundays (9am-5pm)

50 minute session     $150

90 minute session     $200

120 minute session    $250

The first session is free and holds absolutely no obligation to sign up or commit to any form of program. Should this session be all you need to seek clarity and reach your relationship goals, then it’s completely on us and we are happy to have helped you on your way to your ideal relationship!

All qualifications, insurance and money-back guarantee information is closely discussed in this initial session, rather than prior, as we need to ensure that the people coming through our doors to take advantage of this great opportunity are coming in for the right reasons and are at a stage in their relationship where we can help being that their primary focus is to achieve their relationship goals.

With any type of therapy, research has shown that the most significant factor in determining the outcome, is the perceived quality of the relationship with the therapist and the connection of style and techniques within the methods utilised. With the loud dissatisfaction in experience with professionals in the field, we aim to dissolve this perception with the help of our money-back guarantee. If the toaster doesn’t toast it’s bread, you get your money back. We feel the same within our practice, in that if we are unable to fulfil your expectations with respect to your relationship goals, we give you your money back. This sense of security really enable our clients to take the leaps and bounds in their relationship progression with nothing to lose.